Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Unit Plan

Unit Title: Am I so DiffErent?

The students will investigate how to create, conduct, and present information on a survey virtually. To help them find significance in this project the students will send their results to an audience abroad after blogging with them. They will also provide a written statistical analysis of their findings.

Essential Question :
How different are students in other countries?
Unit Questions:
What method would you use in displaying thoughts and ideas about your country/state/town/school?
Content Questions:
What type of survey would you conduct to gather your data? How are histograms created from frequency tables?


  1. I really like your unit idea, "Am I so Different." It is important for students to become more diverse in schools. I think you chose great projects to incorporate into your unit. It is an great idea for students to collaborate with students abroad. This makes learning fun!!!!

  2. I think this will be a good way to get interest from your students in statistical analysis. I think that your EQ is probably a unit question. I think your title could also be used as your EQ. You could also use "What Does It Mean to be Different?"